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New Rage BH

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That collar was always the weak point of their system and a design flaw.  Good to see them address it.  I used my daughter's crossgun a bit last season and she shoots Rages, and twice looked at the quiver to find one of the blades had popped out of the collar.  And yes, I knew how to align the silly collar correctly.  That never happened with my fixed blade Muzzy's, of course.  I was extremely impressed when the Rage broadhead did its job, but based on that collar alone, I would never leave my Muzzy fixed blades on my compound for an expandable.    

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People still use those things??? Always figured they would end up like the old string tracker. Remember when they were all the 'rage'? :)

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3 hours ago, JHbowhunter said:

Bravo Rage!   Bravo!   Keep improving, never rest on your laurels

One of these days they will get it right..

Great to see they are trying to perfect the design and make them reliable. 

Everyone knows when they do work they do a good job.


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A lot of outfitters don't want mechanical broadheads.

I have seen rage used by some awesome shooters and they are great.

I am going to slick tricks with about a 480 grain arrow.


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