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I had the Boneview Card Reader and it was good for awhile but between the app and the reader I started to have issues. So I bought this. The best thing about this reader is you don’t need any app. It downloads the pictures right to your photo gallery. So simple to use. I have an IPhone. 







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6 minutes ago, vdep217 said:

I've tried a few whitetail ir a bone view..  wall mart had the wild game tablet on sale at the end of the year for 15 bucks so I picked one up

How is it ???


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FYI.  This is just an ordinary SD card reader.  There are dozens of makes and models on Amazon and ebay for cheap.  I have several that I got on ebay  for couple of bucks each.  They come from China but they work.  This one works for Android with USB-C connector or PC. 


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3 minutes ago, barrike said:

I have several that I got on ebay  for couple of bucks each.  They come from China but they work.  This one works for Android with USB-C connector or PC. 

wow $2? how does this work? Do you need an app? Or does it somehow just download the photos onto the andriod's file system?? I've been lugging around a mini-laptop that I had laying around the house :) 

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There are a couple of options when using these readers.  You can just plug it into your phone and use any photo viewer app to view the pics directly from the card.  This is good if your phone is low on storage space since there is no downloading required.  Or if you want to download the pics, you just use a file reader app.  Every phone should have one already or you can download one.  My phone (Samsung Galaxy S9) came with "MY FILES" on it, but I downloaded and use ES FILE EXPLORER PRO.  There are other apps as well.  Just be advised that the data transfer rate is NOT fast on any of these readers.  If you have a lot of pictures, you're better off swapping your cards out and viewing them on a PC.

My previous phone had a mini-usb connection.  I bought several of these cheap readers for less than a buck each.  I have no use for them now.  If anyone is in the Asbury, Washington, Clinton area, I'll give you one.  We can meet up and I'll show you how to use it.

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On 6/26/2019 at 11:40 AM, mazzgolf said:

I just ordered this - I don't have the patience to wait a month to get something from China :) I should have it tomorrow, and I'll test it out when I go look at my trail camera this weekend.


Just got it today - this thing is great!! :up:

I insert a SD memory card in it (can take miniSD cards, too) and then plug it into my phone or my computer letting me view the files on either one. My laptop doesn't have an SD card slot - I could never view my SD card pictures on it until now.. so that's a big bonus. I really wanted this to view on my phone, but works on computer, too.

I can view the pictures on my Android phone. Can also view video, but it turns out Android doesn't seem to support playing .AVI video files out-of-box (and my trail cams store videos in AVI format). But I installed the VLC app and now the videos play fine, too.

This is awesome - sending a big thank you to the folks who brought this up.:bighello:I didn't think you could get something like this for so cheap (and so small! now I don't have to carry literally a mini-laptop with me in the woods!:laughing: This thing is about the size of my thumb).

Highly recommend this little gadget - it's only $5 and if you have Amazon Prime you can get it in a day or two rather than wait one to two months to get here from China :) 


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