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Nantucket doormats


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left point pleasant thursday at 5pm and made our way to nantucket sholes.we got there at 6:15am friday morning and started throwing bucktails right away.it was not 5 minutes and i hooked a good one.after a short battle they net a 9.7 fluke.i'm thinking here we go but not another bite for 45 minutes.capt makse the call to pick up and we steam 35 minutes and start again.this time its game on with fish on all around the boat.32 peeps were limited by noon with good fluke.i kept the & 10.8.i lifted fish up to 8.4 lbs..every year i say the same thing"best fluking in the world".we then  headed to the cod and haddock jigging grounds.we get there around 3:30 and the capt blows the horn.as soon as my jig hits the bottom i'm hooked up with double header pollock.we were catching cod,haddock  & pollock all in the same area.we drifted till 8pm and the capt anchors us up for the evening.i'm beat so i eat something and hit the rack.at about 2am one of the mates is shaking me saying that the haddock are biting all around the boat.i roll over and kept sleeping till 4am and i went out and started  catching fish too.at 5:30am the capt picks up the anchor and we start drifting and its drop and reel fishing.it was mostly nice haddock with a few cod and pollock.the guy next to me hooks a good fish and starts getting dragged around the boat. alittle while later they gaff a 48 inch  52lb halibut.all i can say is if you have never been its a trip every fisher peep should do.we fished till 5pm and headed back to point.we hit the slip 7am sunday morning with smiles that would not leave our faces.

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