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You Know Life Is Good When.....

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12 hours ago, rocky said:

You are out on a boat all day fishing and come home to find that your wife cut the grass. :up:

Here's the problem with that.... how do you know she doesn't have an ulterior motive for doing this? :hmmmer: 

As I read the situation, she now has that over your head... this is gold in marriage currency! I see the following in your future:



The Wife: "Remember that time I let you go out fishing all day and I cut the grass for you and I never complained? Well, call your buddies up and tell them you can't go fishing today because you are going to <FILL IN THE BLANK> today."

You: :blink:


Where <FILL IN THE BLANK> could be any number of things such as "my mother's house with me for an all-day visit (oh, and she needs help painting her bathroom while we are there)" or "come to see Mama Mia in the movies with me (I promise, I'm pretty sure you might like it)" or "help me shop around for window curtains at the mall" or... you get the idea.

I dunno - that would have been the first thing that would come to my mind :tooth:

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