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3-2-1 Ribs

Stan Putz

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I had always wanted to try cooking ribs in the smoker, using the "3-2-1" recipe (3 hours smoked uncovered, 2 more hours wrapped in foil, and 1 hour with sauce uncovered to glaze); today I gave it a whirl. I had the smoker going at 225 with mesquite chips. I used wild hog ribs which are a little meatier than store-bought ribs, so it wound up being 3 hours uncovered, 5 hours wrapped in foil, and 2 more with sauce uncovered. These came out to be probably the best ribs I can ever remember eating; not chewy, very moist, and not falling apart/disintegrating  either. I recall using a pressure smoker years ago in a restaurant, but these were 10 times better than anything that came from the pressure smoker. Time permitting, I will cook them this way from now on. :cook2:

I also made a lasagna with wild hog sausage & ground deer, for dinner & lunches later in the week.




Catch & release is for guys who don't know how to cook. :cook:

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Just now, Stan Putz said:

No, I have an electric smoker. I like simple.

So do I. I have two. A "bullet" smoker and a upright "refrigerator" type. Both have water pans. 

I am wondering if I still need the "texas crutch" of wrapping the ribs. I think the water pan aids in heat distribution and keeping the meat moist. I will spritz with apple juice during the last 2-3 hours every hour or so. Thanks.

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I have a Smoken-it electric smoker and Stopped wrapping them after forgetting and just let them run straight through 4.5hrs and then basted with sauce.  They came out perfect with enough pull, moisture and bark. I am thawing out ribs as we speak. Thanks for starting this thread, I needed a push to start smoking.  I have been obsessed with my Souse vide I got for my Bday last December. 

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