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Huck Finn adventures as a kid??


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I replied to BBs Love huntin Pa post, and it reminded me of my HS days in the Poconos with plenty of Huck Finn adventures.....

Growing up in TR circa early 1980s, we had a pond we called Georgetown!

Georgetown was a small pond w a feeder stream we would frequent for crossing logs, gettin muddy, catchin frogs, salamanders, turtles, bluegills, pickeral, n bass.  Rumor was that "the State stocked" the pond ...but in reality, the State probably had no idea the pond even existed!  Lol

That's where the tale of pursuing the elusive "Big Mo" began!

Every spring we wud see Big Mo cruising in the feeder stream n banks but we cud never catch him!  Closest I got was snagging him in the back w one of dad's trout spinners w 4 lb test n broke off!  Also had him blow up on a live frog at dusk but he broke me off!

Then, one day hammering crappies on a tiny Rapala floater, Big Mo erupted n I finally got my hands on him!  He was bout 5 lbs!  I put him in a bucket n pedaled him a mile home n asked the neighbor to take a pic, as we were too poor to own a camera!  Lol. Btw....check out that Original Jim Crumleys Trebark favorite hat I have on in pic!!!

Big Mo was a fish I will always remember!

I wish my boy had a pond like Georgetown to bike to but there is nothing close on our side of town! Ugh

So, ya'll have any "Huck Finn" adventures as a kid??


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