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How many skunks in a litter typically

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2 hours ago, madeinuk said:

I just shot another so hopefully only one left.  No sign of the mother so even then I won’t completely out of the woods :(

Why are you killing them?

25 minutes ago, Lunatic said:

I actually like the smell of a a skunk. In my biology course, some 35 years ago I was told it is genetic thing. There are just few of us in the world who actually like it. I’m one of them 

I actually do too, as long as it's not the pungent real close spray.

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Why am I killing them?

Good question.

Normally, I would live and let live but I  found that they have made a burrow directly under my garage so they have to go.  Secondly, they eat honeybees and I have my bee yard right behind said garage.

It is a shame because they are actually pretty cute creatures - especially the kits.

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