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Piebald in Sparta


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Cool doe. I see or get pictures of one or two every year. 

7 hours ago, LPJR said:

Cool pic Nick. Rusty has been taking pics of her for a few years now I believe. :up:

Amazing how she navigates through the center of town like she does. 

They have to live in a town or they get shot quick in most places.

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28 minutes ago, nmc02 said:

There are several in Sparta. I know of at least 3 in the area. I had a small buck at my in laws a few yrs ago

I see some in Sparta down the road a mile or two from my property there.  Have for over 20 years, so piebald genetics are in the local herd.  But I've never seen one on our property so far.

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23 minutes ago, sussexcohunter said:

i drive west mountain road in sparta often and i've seen a few over the years there

The road I was thinking of is Milton Road which becomes Sparta Mountain Road as it heads into Jefferson Twp.  That's where I used to see piebalds with some frequency although I seldom have need to be on that road anymore.  

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