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The dog nailed a baby skunk


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The dog nailed a baby skunk in a flower bed earlier.  

One minute the dog is by me, the next he has pounced on something in a flower bed.  He bit its head right through the skull killing it instantly.

At first I thought - doesn't smell too bad so maybe only adults can spray - and then it hit me.

Truly noxious - orders of magnitude greater than driving over a dead one with the car.

Had to wash the dog with water and peroxide to rid it from the stench which works actually.

The dog didn't like it but I liked his stench even less so 'bath time' it was.


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Definitely sucks!!! My dog got sprayed and made it back into the house to spread that glorious stench. We also did the peroxide, water and dish soap and it helped a lot but the stench lingered for weeks!!


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There  is a product called pure ayre. It is 100% natural so it can be sprayed on the face even. And no issues if the dog got it in his mouth.  I have seen it used by groomers on about 50 dogs when I was in the pet industry. That stuff works well. As long as they haven't changed the formulation in the last 5-6 years.

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Been in the same situation a few times.  Vinegar bath, then work  baking soda into the hair with a little water to make it a paste.  Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing and a final bath with dawn followed by a fragrant conditioner.

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