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One Week of Winter


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No doubt it is one tough winter. There sure are a lot of complaints everywhere you go. However, we have it pretty good compared to those critters living in it everyday. Whether it be pine needles, scraps from the bird feeder or handouts of bread and freezer burned chicken the need to keep the boilers running is most evident. If only we were so tough in the cold.



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Thanks for watching guys. As always it is the survival of the fittest. Spring is 30 days away and who knows what mother nature will throw our way. I seem to remember many winters like this, but the records say otherwise. You don't think they are changing them like they are the history books, do ya? :hmmmer:

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yep, tough on the critters, I keep putting out stuff for them, this week was two bales of alfalfa and some corn,  they thanked me.

Paul M. Ross


Coldwell Banker Sales Associate






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