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Who uses Shwackers ?


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I used them for years with no issues. Only once did the 100 grain 2 blade never open on me with a doe. It was taken on film with my buddy. Needed to place a second shot. 

Went back to Thunderheads afterwards with no issues since. Use Rage crossbow heads from the Xbow. 

I would recommend the heads though. 

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I used to use shwackers and loved them, the problem was no one sold them including cabelas and Walmart. The only place I found them for a while was strictly archery in Washington so I switch back to spitfires. If I could find them I would switch back to the 2 blade bc they were deadly as hell

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16 minutes ago, Trykonkid11 said:

I use them. Love them. I actually buy mine at the Walmart in Hampton twp. IMG_0572.thumb.jpg.2dde2655d70c2385442c8e21cebeb190.jpg They went through the back and exited the brisket with no issue.



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Man I must be doing something wrong... my Swhacker don't cut the heart out of the deer I've just shot.


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