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Teen Age Deer Blind Modifications

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Started hunting this “natural” blind about 5 years ago. Started out as just some small blow down trees to hide behind but it has grown somewhat with the need for crossbow access and now even more for use by teenagers as opposed to little kids. Had to use grandmas old Christmas tree and some ingenuity to get the cross window set up. It’s set to go for opener of crossbow in September. We will modify it for gun season when we don’t have to worry about the room for crossbow limbs. Nice part is we can bend the Christmas tree branches as needed. Accommodates three of us if necessary. Here are some pics of where it was, where it is now and some deer taken. 


Btw. Props to Hunterbob for making the suggestions to build blinds with the kids years ago to begin with and for getting the wheels turning in my head. Has saved money and is more fun. 



















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I built one for my son and he shot a nice ten pointer out of it on his last youth day.


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Nice. Looks like a fair amount of deer taken from it already. 

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7 minutes ago, Gobblengrunt said:

Looks like a successful blind on many different levels!

Yes it does, well done Dad!!  :up::up:

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Very nice!  Natural blinds are the only thing I use.  Finding, or making one in a good location has been the best part of hunting for me.  Good to see your kids enjoying it.

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