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Injury While Fishing


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OUCH - and to think there are idiots out there that purposely do worse, all in the name of body piercing! 

Trying to think of my worst fishing injury. Probably stepping on sharp oysters while wading and cutting feet (more than once).

Can't really think of a time when I got hooked...

Oh - last trip to Abaco (with Holly).   Caught a decent barracuda...  Lifted it in boat by the wire leader "bare handed" while I had a glove sitting there. It shook and pulled the very sharp tag end of wire leader attached to swivel right through all my fingers in a  nano-seconds.    I may as well have stuck my fingers in the cudas mouth would have been same result...  Took a few months for those scars to heal.   Just short of needing stitches.   That was probably dumbest thing I have done. Oh here is the pic right before it shook and tore open every finger 


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1 minute ago, MGHunter66 said:

Sticking my finger in the water to point at something only to have an Oyster Cracker clamp down on my finger... yes i walked on water screaming like a little girl, couldn’t get it off my finger. My friend had to stick a filet knife in its mouth and cut it off

 Your finger or the Oyster Cracker?🤣🤣🤣

"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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My buddy hooked me with his Rapala minnow when I was maybe 13 and a doctor had to push it all the way through, cut the barb off, and back it out.  Long, long time ago now.  But I've pulled more than one fly out of a client's body/face after he or she hooked themselves.  :shock:

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Holy crap! That could have been a lot worse . 


I had a buddy’s reel get backlashed and sent a rattle trap into my neck . I was laughing hysterically at his facial expressions while he was pulling barbed hooks out of my neck , pretty sure he was almost  crying thinking I was going to drown him . I also had a buddy during a night tournament who got a hula popper stuck in a tree . He yanked and yanked and it finally let loose I turned away , he turned away and bent over ..... well he caught that hula popper in the area between his you know what’s and his butt . Needless to say I was useless , laughing so hard At him . . 

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My friend was flyfishing for striped bass using a deceiver fly and on the back cast he caught himself in the eye lid.  Amazingly the hook went into his eyelid and back out without touching his eyeball.  When he flipped his eyelid up the U part of the hook was inside resting on his eye. 

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1 minute ago, RPK0620 said:

When launching my kayak down at IBSP, a rig with 2 hooks that someone had dropped in the sand caught on my one shoe and whipped around as I stepped forward and caught my other leg.  





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