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Raccoons! Need to relocate them

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I got these damn raccoon or raccoons hitting my garbage daily. I have a strap over the lid worked for a while til they peeled up side. Added rocks on top so they knock them off and still get in...


What type of trap should I get? These damn things are pissing me off



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Its all Greek to me

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2nd the large havahart.  It's about 1' high x 3' deep.  You can also borrow mine if you're by Sussex boro.  Don't use an old style trap with bars that drop down over the gate to lock it.  Coons will tip the cage over, and the bar will drop out of the groove.  Newer ones have a catch to stop the bar that is now inside instead of laying on top of the cage.

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Large havahart will do it.  Make sure you wear thick leather work gloves and cover the cage with a towel or blanket to calm them down.  Those little bastards can be vicious.   I would consider putting the trap on something high so that you don't catch a skunk.  Never caught one but I am always worried about it. 

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