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Thought I Smelled Skunk!!


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So I’ve been smelling skunk for at least a week now. Well I have a retaining wall that’s collapsing and will be replaced within the next 2 weeks. My shed (which is rotting and seen way better days) basically sits up against my fence which needs to come down in order to fix the wall. Well as soon as I pulled up the floor I found the source of the skunk smell. 2 skunks curled up together dead. 


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Just now, Lunatic said:

I have skunks living under my shed for 20 years now and never a problem. I even trapped one last week, the trap was for a GH, and I was able to release it without being sprayed. They are cool animals IMO.

Definitely cool animals. Me and my partner cut loose a baby caught in a batting cage fence while the mother watched. I grabbed it by the tail thinking that stops them from spraying :shakehead: we both got sprayed. :rofl: the little guy then ran off with mom. Worst part was we had to deal with a dead 💀 person right after getting sprayed.  


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