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picked up the kayak today


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Serious kayaking

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14 minutes ago, Mixbaghunter said:

I have been eyeing on for a while.  How would they be for a big guy are they stable. 

plenty of videos on youtube . some guys are standing on the bow and stern, other guys are walking all over it. standing to fish is no problem. included on the deck are two grip cushions for standing. 

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1 hour ago, nmc02 said:

Never fished out of a kayak....my buddy says there is nothing better

i have been out of the game for a while. i use to have an ocean kayak. i always had fun fishing the bays and lakes. i never tried the ocean. i assume it would be a real hassel getting past the breakers lol. 

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2 hours ago, FishNHard said:

Im more happy to see the life jacket cant tell you back in the day guys would buy a thousand dollar kayak 2 g in tackle and not buy a  jacket

However, if you are not wearing the lifejacket it may prove to be useless.

I thought, growing old would take longer ! 

I spent most of my money on shotguns and fly rods.  The rest I just wasted.

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