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What tried to kill my chicken?


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So last night around 2 am I was woken up by my chickens going crazy, run out to they're coop and see one outside by itself had a cut on its comb and foot but other wise seemed ok, it's very lethargic today though so well see what happens.  Found where it ripped the chicken wire to get in.  Then around 330 i hear noises best i can describe it  as is a barking scream. These went on for about 20 minutes and I could here another one a few hundred yards away from.the one near my coop.  Did some you tubing and closest I could find to the noise is a fisher cat.  Any one have any experiance with these things messing with your chickens or what do.you guys think.  Also in the process of building the fort Knox chicken coop so hipefully this dont happen again.  I live in harmony, Warren county nj, or could it just be a fox or something what do.you think?

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Coon or fox is my guess from limited intel provided

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I have been raising a backyard flock of chickens for over 30 years. Not sure what you heard, but all the critters already mentioned will kill chickens. Chicken wire is not the best. It keeps the chickens in but does not keep the predators out. They can bite through it so determined. I used 2x4 inch square welded wire fencing for the outside yard. Also for the windows on the coup I use hardware cloth which is heavy wire with very small holes. Mink and weasels will kill chickens also. They can go right thru the 2x4 welded wire outside fencing. I have seen them do it. Also, I do not leave the door of the coup to the yard open at night. I close it every evening after the chickens go in and open it first thing each morning. The best way to control the varmints is a gun. I have shot many.

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Chain link fence will keep them out.  My chain link pen is open on top, except for 1"x 1" plastic mesh to keep hawks out.  Only coons climb over the fence, but the chickens are locked up every night in their hen house.  If you're just making a small enclosed pen with an open hen house inside it, then use 1/2 inch wire mesh.  If a coon can get its hand through the hole, it will lure a chicken in, grab it and pull the chickens neck back through to kill it.  They will kill them all for the fun of it.  Coons can make strange noises.  Fox or yote would have grabbed the chicken and ran off with it.  Had them on camera around my coop, but never seen one try to get through the fence other than try to dig under it.  

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