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I'm a hard-core deer hunter like many on here, but I never understood the "kill all the coyotes cause they kill deer" mentality.  Sure they kill deer.  That's what they do.  They are part of the ecosystem.  Same as everything else, even vehicles these days.  I agree that when coyotes run in packs and their numbers become to high, they need to be managed, so, as my recent pictures have shown, I'll kill a few of them.  But not all of them.  I like seeing them as well as deer and everything else.  Regarding deer, there seems to be a never-ending supply, at least in Zone 5 where I live.

Later today, I'll try and pound a post into the Pequest and set up another camera and hope that they kill at least one more fawn so I can get a pic of one coming head-on.

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