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Sick doe

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8 minutes ago, Tbryant said:

This was sadly in my town. The Facebook groups all last night and today were hysterical.. They had scheduled times for people to go and watch the doe to comfort her LOL One of the cops had enough and went by the deer last night around 2am to put it out but when he showed up he had some woman sleeping next to it. This morning the doe was “humanely euthanized”. 


Haha that is funny. I think I met that nut job. There was a woman there trying to comfort the doe but she wasn't the home owner.

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I will also add this....my worker looked at me while grabbing a sledge hammer in the back of my truck and says "Mr.  Mike that is Bueno carne". I laughed and said "no can do, too many people around". He was a bit upset we didn't take her.

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8 hours ago, Lunatic said:

The carrot on the blanket tells me everything I need to know about these people:happywave:

I see the have the carrots for the reindeer, I hope they at least left some cookies and a glass of milk for Santa

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