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Coyotes last night

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At the height of the storm last night out of nowhere around 2:00 a.m. what sounded like one lone coyote started howling like a wolf, long and low.  Then it sounded like some of his (or her) buddies were barking back.  Usually when we hear coyotes its a lot of high pitched and rapid yipping, but this sounded like what you hear in the movies.  Very eerie combined with the raging winds and heavy rain last night-not to mention the baby wasn't sleeping at all either.  What accounts for the differences in their vocalizations?  Different ways of communicating?  Intimidating prey, etc...?

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5 minutes ago, Livesintrees said:

When they have cold wet balls they howl long and loud. 

I was actually wondering if one was hunkered down in a den and a tree fell on it or uprooted it and he was expressing his displeasure...

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