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Livewell crapped out....aint pumpin water in...and leaks

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Welp.....really didn't need it today at the club bass tourney, but the livewell would not pump n fill w water wen i flipped the switch......it sounded like it wanted to work.....gurgle n spit out a small bit of water....n that's it

So, I went to plan B and fill it up w a spare bilge pump n hose......filled it up....checked it 15 mins later n it was nearly empty!!

Must b leaking from the thing w metal screen on it

Anyone have any ideas of fixes.....problem is the boat has to be in the water to try n trouble shoot this friggen ordeal!!


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you should be able to fill it with a hose to see where its leaking from.

did you have your over flow tube in ??

Livewell pumps can get a small piece of scale etc and jam.

you more than likely need to pull it and see if the impeller is jammed.

Good thing is they aren't that expensive to replace in the smaller boats as the pumps are smaller

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