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reduced days for 2019-20 brant/goose seasons

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Anyone read this:

I looked at the proposed waterfowl dates ... we lose a lot of days for goose and brant. A month for brant, and two weeks for Canada geese. We also lose some bag limits. Pintails go down to 1, and worse is Canada geese going down to 2 in all zones (last season was 5 in coastal and 3 inland zones) :cryingcry:

Here's what my calculations are (I may be off a day in these calculations, but its pretty close if not spot on):

Ducks & Brant:
  Oct. 20 - Oct. 27
  Nov. 17 - Jan. 17
Canada Goose:
  Nov. 17 - Dec. 1
  Dec. 8 - Jan. 19

  Oct. 19 - Oct. 26
  Nov. 16 - Jan. 16
  Oct. 19 - Oct. 26
  Nov. 16 - Dec. 12 (lost 30 days)
Canada Goose:
  Nov. 23 - Nov. 30
  Dec. 27 - Jan. 22 (lost 14 days) 


  Nov. 10 - Nov. 13
  Nov. 22 - Jan. 26
Brant (same as duck):
  Nov. 10 - Nov. 13
  Nov. 22 - Jan. 26
Canada Goose:
  Nov. 10 - Nov. 13
  Nov. 19 - Feb. 15

  Nov. 9 - Nov. 13 (gain 2 days)
  Nov. 28 - Jan. 31 (lost 1 day)
  Nov. 28 - Nov. 30
  Dec. 26 - Jan. 25 (lost 30 days) 
Canada Goose (same as duck):
  Nov. 9 - Nov. 13 (gain 1 day)
  Nov. 28 - Jan. 31 (lost 12 days) 

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5 minutes ago, Kype said:

There are thousands of geese around. Year round. They are domestic around here now. Why the cut in seasons and limits?  

They are protecting the " true migrating geese " . There apparently was a dismal hatch last year with very little recruitment of new birds.  Our resident birds which you are speaking of can still be hunted the month of September with a 15 bird bag limit . 

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Brant and migratory Canadas both had really poor hatches. Mallard limit is going down from 4 to 2 as well. It's not just NJ that's going to feel the effects. States south of us are going to 30 days and 1 bird limits of Canadas too so could be worse... It is what it is but it is for the greater good in future seasons IMO. I'm just goin to double down on September hunts to make up for it probably. 

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Just like the fluke regs they base their seasons on faulty imperfect data.     Last year was a terrible year for ducks.  It never got cold enough to force birds out of NY and New England.   They say the mallard numbers are healthy but lower, yet when they flew the tunda for breeding estimates there was so much water up there it was hard to get an accurate count.     And for brant, they just raised the limit last year to 2?  Now they need to cut the season????? 




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