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Allaire State Park

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I live in Ocean but work in Monmouth County and am starting to explore Allaire.  I know I'll get some of the standard responses to this question (find out for yourself, do your research, etc...) but since it's not deer season I can't answer this question with my own scouting.

Is Allaire overrun with bowhunters or is worth  Looking to take a couple does to fill the freezer and am hoping this could be a good spot to do that.

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Welcome PSE.I have no experience there,but there's many good guy's on here,down by you that I'm sure will chime in and help.

“In a civilized and cultivated country, wild animals only continue to exist at all when preserved by sportsmen.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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Allaire like all public land gets hit. There are deer there though. They hide in the park. Get along the river and find that piece of real estate no one else knows of. I know guys that use mountain bikes to get back there. Good luck


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It depends on what part of the park you are in honestly. The part that I hunt, opening morning this year the parking lot was filled and 4 or 5 overflow trucks parked out on the road. Late season however there’s a lot less pressure. Lots of guys in there with sticky fingers too so make sure you lock everything up or carry stands in and out. Stay off the beaten path as best you can but unfortunately you can’t stop the mountain bikers from going where they shouldn’t belong. I had a trio of bikers this season ride right down a deer trail past my stand. The fact that they had to walk their bikes over dead falls and through briars apparently wasn’t a good enough hint to them that it wasn’t a bike trail. Oh yeah and the horseback riders that threaten to call a game warden on you because they claim you “can’t hunt in allaire” are always fun.

The deer in allaire are not stupid. They know what parts of the park are hunted and what parts are closed to hunting. I would stay away from baiting if I were you. They are vary wary of corn piles as the season progresses. 

None of this is trying to deter you. Despite everything I mentioned above I shoot deer out of there every season. Just takes a little more work. IMO it’s worth it allaire is my favorite piece of public in this area to hunt. Also keep in mind there’s no Sunday hunting. Best of luck to you feel free to pm me for more specifics on where I’ve killed my deer in past seasons or if you want to see some trail cam pics of bucks you’ve got to work with.  You’d be surprised. 

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