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Jet Sled use #999!!!

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27 minutes ago, allmann said:

Have you done this before? Does it work with other mushrooms like cremini? 

Not sure. First go at it. My friend is all into mushrooms....she shit a brick when I found these Chicken of the Woods shrooms (orange) and Hen of the Woods shrooms (brown) down on her WV property on my October bowhunt n turkey hunt down there. Sold the Chicken shrooms for $140 bucks at her farmers market!!





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Last year was quite the bumper crop for wild mushrooms around here.  I don't know them well enough to pick them myself, but a few friends do and they gathered more than ever before most of them told me.  The best I had were chicken of the woods marinated and smoked which were delicious.  Kept me going all day in brutal cold steelhead fishing weather in Pulaski in January.   

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37 minutes ago, Kype said:

Mushrooms are scary. I don't touch any of them except the ones from the grocery store. 

Good, More for me!


stick to the 4 safe mushrooms and the can NEVER be confused with a poisonous mushroom. 

1. Hen of the woods (grifola frondosa)

2. Chicken of the woods 

3. Lions mane

4. Oyster mushrooms


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