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Turkey actions...


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Still seeing some BIG winter flocks... AND I MEAN BIG!   Usually they're broken up by now, but yesterday during my groundhog travels I saw one flock of 60-70 and another of 100 easy.  Way late in my area to be seeing them kinda numbers still all together.  What's everyone else seeing?

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One of my properties is still pretty flocked up...70-80 birds, maybe more... but they are strutting and so forth. Another place I took a spin to Wednesday after work had maybe 20-25...3-4 out strutting. 

I haven't seen a whole lot in the way of birds really thinned out yet in my areas, but should make for a productive couple weeks I hope.

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4 hours ago, Bonefreak said:

What zone u seeing em all still flocked up??!!

For my own safety I can not answer that question.  I will say this though, they're nowhere near any of my hunting spots :censored:

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