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Anyone doing anything?

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Yes, there are several lawsuits in play right now.  The ANJRPC sent out an update earlier today.  When I get in front of a computer I’ll copy/paste their update here.

The case in CA will be appealed and more than likely has a high probability of being overturned.  The way the ruling in CA was written was in anticipation that it would head to the SCOTUS.  It’s a rock-solid opinion that reflects a lot of what the dissent in the NJ case captured.  I’m not a lawyer but there is a chance that the CA court of appeals will agree with the lower court ruling.

But there are cases already working their way through the courts.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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If it's a case in California, that means it goes up to the 9th circuit, right? You all know what is going to happen there. Fat chance they agree to lifting a mag ban. They still have a majority of liberals on that court; even though Trump is trying to balance it out, it isn't enough.



"The Washington Post noted that once all of Trump's current nominees to the bench are confirmed as expected, there will be 12 Republican-appointed judges on the 9th Circuit, which consists of 29 full-time judges."


So it's still 17-to-12 looney liberals on that court.

So we need these cases to wind their way up to SCOTUS and pray that Roberts isn't the closeted liberal that I fear he is.

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