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Marine Batteries ?


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Alright guys let's hear some opinions of Marine Batteries for Trolling Motors. I really want to know if anyone has experiences with some of the High End marine batteries for extended use. I am not going through another year of the battery dying after a few hours of trolling then switch over to another battery and hope that one doesn't die. Most of my freshwater fishing is done in Lakes where it's electric only and I troll a lot and I don't have the room for a 24 volt system. I have been looking at the Vmax MR127  but it is a AMG and have no experience with this type. I know they are very pricey but if they are good as advertised that's ok with me.

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The best battery I had were the Optima blue top gel cell batteries... I am buying them again after 4 years of heavy use.

I run them hard and they last. Pricey but good

Somedays I run them for 10 hours straight on my Minn kota fortrex 80. They still have power at the end and charge quickly

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The regular deep cycle batteries from Walmart just don’t cut it. If fact I use the larger ones and have been stuck fighting the slightest breeze to get back to the ramp because both were dead. From what I have been researching it seems that it is all about Amp Hrs not cranking amps. The Vmax has 100 Amp Hrs.

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3 minutes ago, Psehunter said:

I've have 3 optimas in my boat, they are 5 years old and still going strong...I switched to them years ago after hearing guys in my club having theirs last 7-10 years before having to replace them..so far so good, expensive but worth it so far.

Are you running them separately and trolling a lot ?  Does one battery run your trolling motor all day ? 

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