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JonathanDT Introduction


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Hello all,

I've come across a bunch of helpful posts on this site these past two years so I figured I'd join. My name is Jonathan, I come from Bergen county. I'm new to hunting, grew up freshwater fishing with my father, and we have since upgraded to saltwater fishing, launching out of Monmouth Cove Marina. I'm 21, I work and am a student at NJIT for civil engineering, so naturally time and money is somewhat limited. That being said I have been getting into hunting these past two years, and bringing my father back into the game. He grew up hunting north NJ, but hasn't been in a few decades. These past two seasons I have hunted a buddies property in upstate NY, but it is a smaller property with not a lot of cover or food, and gets heavily pressured. The 2+ hour drive makes it difficult as well. So I have decided this year to go public. I look forward to talking with you people!

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Welcome aboard JDT!!

You should probably invest in a Jet Sled sooner than later, so u can be in with the clique!!  Lol

All kidding aside,  it's nice to hear u n your dad are back in the game n spending quality time together in the great outdoors!!

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Welcome to the site!  Awesome you're getting into hunting and bringing your dad back into it too!  Definitely check out some public lands, lots of them up by you, just a little more west! And let us know how the saltwater fishing goes this spring and summer.  Many of us here are getting ready for that too! :up:

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