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electric fence install questions

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just built a 15x12 fenced in enclosure off our barn for my wifes 2 mini pigs. with a 4' fence and hardware cloth.  i want to add electric fencing around the outside just incase a bear wants to explore.  ive been googling and cant find any easy step by step videos just general installations.  i have a couple questions. 1. what size of joules would be best for bears? 2.  is more than one large grounding rod necessary? 3. to install multiple wires around the fence would i tie each individual wire back to the energizer or would i run one wire back and tie a wire between each wire at one point on the fence to energize each wire?  4. i have a gate in the middle of the fence to line up with the barn door.  i was planning on burying the wire at the point, so again at this point in the fence would i do question number 3?  sorry for the rough questions.  thank you 

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