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Mid day farm pond action


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Small  jigs with Berkley power grubs or zman blue tubes were getting them today. Caught a bunch. Missed a bunch. All hammered the bait 3 feet from bank. No better way to kill an hour. Skiddish of shadows that's why they are dirty lol. Had to stand back and muscle them thru muddy bank or they wouldn't touch it. 






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4 hours ago, Coyoteslayer said:

All of the crazy stuff I say on here and my first red arrow is because the fish picture wasnt good enough. Lol. News flash only fish 4 lbs and up would I spend the time to prep for photography. These were simply so buck154 would believe I caught them lol. #toughcrowd.

Hey slayer, maybe next time you kindly  share fish pictures with us try  using my go to fish cleaner. Lol Nice day, thanks for sharing!



"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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