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Stan Putz in the Land of Cotton V. 2019

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By popular request, here's some pictures of my weekend jaunt to coastal Georgia. I brought a first-time hunter and co-worker with me, he made this old man proud. We each killed 2 hogs Saturday and turkey hunted Sunday (no luck). Carried a puppy back home for a fella near Harrisburg PA as a favor. Heading back next week to turkey hunt, I probably should just move there. :D











Catch & release is for guys who don't know how to cook. :cook:

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43 minutes ago, Swamprat said:

Congrats. What kinds of weapons (toys) were you guys using? 

2 were shot with an AK, 2 were knifed. It all depends on the safety of the dogs with how the hogs are dispatched.


39 minutes ago, Trykonkid11 said:

Are those beagle pups?

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They are beagle/cur crosses. I think the outfitter is going to try running deer with them, the fella from Harrisburg is going to try making a tracking dog out of her. Pup was real sweet, no whining and didn't soil the crate...VERY confident for a pup that was taken from her mother & moved 800 miles all in the same day.:up:

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Catch & release is for guys who don't know how to cook. :cook:

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