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Broken Screen On My I-phone repair...?

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You can get it repaired at the mall or some other stores.  Agree Apple will charge you a lot.

Like BHC said, you should get a screen protector.  I get mine on Amazon, they are tempered glass, and cost less than $10.  I ran my phone over with a tractor several times box blading my driveway and the screen survived, so I would say they work :)

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4 minutes ago, rocky said:

I just got back home with my repaired phone. It wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. $50.00 and a half hour of time to repair it. 

It is amazing how dependent we have become on these devices that didn't even exist not that long ago. 

Yep. You don't know it until you lose it or it breaks.


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34 minutes ago, rocky said:

It is amazing how dependent we have become on these devices that didn't even exist not that long ago. 

Would you believe up until about 2 weeks ago me and the wife didn't even have a smart phone? I went for as long as I could without one. I was happy. But then her phone broke a few weeks ago. So, we decided to end our neanderthal, off-the-grid days :D and  bought smart phones for each of us.

But I refuse to buy a $800 or $1,000 phone. I ended up getting a Nokia 6.1 android for me and the Mrs. For the price of two phones, it cost less than a single IPhone!

I will say that, yes, it is nice. I like having a map with directions built into the phone. But I refuse to be beholden to a machine. The only extra app I installed was a weather app. I'm just using the built in functions - I really just use it to text, phone, take pictures, and get directions.

Oh, but there is one feature that I found that is REALLY nice that I didn't realize existed until I got it - there is a Google "Share Your Location" feature. When I go out hunting, I turn it on and tell it to share my location with the wife for the next 2 hours or however long I'm gonna be out. Now I don't have to keep remembering to tell her where I'll be. She'll know where I am in case anything bad happens. If something does happen and I can't get out, she'll have my location that can be shared with whoever needs it... with all the things you hear about guys falling out of trees or getting hurt, this is a nice feature to help others find you in the middle of the woods. 'Course, only works if you have cell service, but usually not a problem here in NJ.


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1 hour ago, BowhunterNJ said:


That is SO true.... OK, you want to hear something that might sound tin-hat-ish?

As I say, I only just got this Android phone a couple weeks ago. And this happened.

To start, it's been over a year since my last eye exam. I'm due to go, so I clearly remember saying to my wife a few days ago, "You know, I need to go to the eye doctor soon". We had maybe a 60-second discussion about it... just a passing conversation, really, about me needing to go to the eye doctor soon. Damn if I did not get a Google ad (I think it was while browsing NJW&W on my phone, too!) for an eye doctor!!!

Now, I can NEVER remember ever seeing an eye doctor ad on my computer browsing anywhere. I didn't do any Google searches on it (no need, I know who my eye doctor is and their number); I didn't get any emails on it. But I know I verbally mentioned it to my wife.

I'm convinced that (on Androids at least) Google has the ability to listen to everything you say on your phone's microphone and use what it hears to, at minimum, deliver targeted ads to you via the Google Ads stuff. Remember, that microphone is constantly listening (how else can it hear you say "OK, Google" --- just like Alexa listens and Siri listens for that start command). Is Google throwing away all that audio data? Or is it collecting and using it? Knowing Google and how they can suck in massive amounts of data, I believe they are using it.

This is scary chit - and this is just a public corporation. Can you imagine once the government starts using this technology - and with Socialism coming in to vogue today with our liberal government officials lately, it might come sooner than we think!!  

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