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Found a nice 1


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Well I met up with my dad and we walked a few miles looking for sheds today.. only found 1 - about 10 steps from the truck.


It belonged to a buck we had a few encounters with.. (my dad had him under 30 yards 2x but no shot with his recurve)


Then late season he ended up on my trail cam from rut through 6day. Then I didnt get his pic in 3 weeks so i gave up on him..

Little did I know he shedded right next to my corn pile lol. Only covered about 6 acres of the 50 acre parcel.. i gotta go back next week and keep looking, if i find his other half i may get a Cape and mount it..or at least do an artificial skiull.


Found 3 other dead heads from small bucks (1 shedded)







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