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South jersey small club looking for members


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I belong to a small bass fishing club we are not sjbca member club we usually get 5to 7 boats at our tournaments and hold one tournament a month starting March to November.

$30 annual fee and tournaments are $20 per boat at the ramp and optional $5 lunker pool. Tournaments are held one Sunday a month.

we are laid back and it’s not an intense club, there’s no big winnings it’s more of a reason just to get out and fish once a month.

you need to have your own boat and working livewell.

a cooler with aerator will do.

our first tournament is this Sunday at newton lake collingwood start time is 7am we vote if we are fishing 6 hour or 7 hours at the ramp and we vote on the next tournament date at the ramp as well. The lakes are already picked but the dates are not to make sure we can get enough boats at the next tournament due to work and family schedules.

pm me if your interested or post a question 

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