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who's up for a good ol' fashioned slapping contest?


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Hunting season is over - some of us might get bored - maybe this would help? Next NJW&W summer get-together???

si.com: "The winters are long in Russia, and especially in Siberia. Sometimes you need to do something stupid to make yourself feel alive, like stand in front of another man and let him slap you as hard as he can. A large group gathered recently in the city of Krasnoyarsk (population about 1 million) to slap, be slapped and watch some slapping."

I can't stop watching - this big dude is like from the movies - you know how the hero of a movie has to fight some big evil henchman who takes a punch as if it didn't happen and then turns around and wipes the floor with the hero? (Think the Raiders of the Lost Ark fight around the plane on the ground)... that's what I think of here :D 

Go to the beginning of the video to see a guy just get pulverized:


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