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Pin/tack muzzle


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Going with the build my own route on an ar, .223 wylde.

Where Did ya'll go to get your muzzle compliance work done? I'm in central/south jersey.Not sure I want to go with a bull barrel and may just do a small brake or thread cap.

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Not sure if you found a brake you like yet, but the BCM MOD 1 is a great Muzzle Brake. Absolutely no muzzle rise with it. It acts just like the A2 flash hiders, with a very mild sound. If you were closer I could do it for you, but I’m probably 2 hours away.

$50 is a good price, just the wait time sucks.



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Ranier Arms is great also. You can send your barrel or purchase from them pinned and welded. When I did my dads NJ comp AR He could not order a barrel that was threaded because there was no gaurantee it would get pinned and welded, so I had to get it in Pa. Also I dont recommend a brake at all. They are stupid loud and theres minimal recoil and muzzle climb on a 223. I have a 2A T3 comp that will blow your ear drums out. Black River Tactical makes a nice simple linear comp that is tolerable with no hearing protection.

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