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Hunting, A Rich Mans Sport............pic


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I am in no way rich or poor but, I feel sorry for the young guys starting out hunting and want to hunt out West. The pic below is just what I had to put upfront to apply for one state and I do apply in several others. When I started buying elk landowner tags in New Mexico years ago I could pick up a land owner bull tag for $500.00 dollars. Now they go for $5,000.00-$12,000.00. How can a young man afford this type of hunting that I enjoyed as a young man at those prices? 


Now if you think the money is the worst part of it Nay Nay my friend. :nonono: The bonus point draw is pretty crappy also. I have been applying for tags that I will probably never see in my lifetime and they charge you every year to maintain and accumulate these bonus points. These numbers below are from last year so I have been applying for 24 years now without drawing a dessert bighorn tag and I probably never will.



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6 minutes ago, Nomad said:

How much for a resident?  $10?

NM Resident   elk $90.00

NM resident deer  $41.00

NM resident sheep $160.00


I honestly like when other states charge a non-resident what "THEIR" state charges non-residents. I am not sure if some states do that still but it made a lot of sense to me.

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Yeah. For out of state hunting it's crazy. Out of country also crazy. The average guy can afford to hunt in his home state fairly reasonably. There is archery equipment and guns that could be had very reasonably. Beyond that it's a "rich" person's sport to enjoy if you want to do a lot of it. Maybe the average "Joe" can muster up a few deer hunts or an elk hunt. Once you get into Moose, Sheep, etc in Alaska and Canada, it gets real tough. 

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Progressive playbook states that in order to eliminate the rights of other people, you create “haves” and “have nots”, so only rich people can afford to exercise their rights.  Once you have that established, you create class warfare to claim that the rich are taking advantage of the poor, so we should eliminate the rights of the rich.  That ultimately eliminates the rights of everyone.

Hunting is getting more expensive because anits want to make sure poor people can’t participate in it.  They are doing the same thing with firearms and ammo.  You’re already seeing Murphy do it here with other permits.

Sapere aude.


When you cannot measure, your knowledge is meager and unsatisfactory.

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Most of the areas that I hunt out West is Federal land which means it should be owned and accessed by everyone equally no matter what state you live in. That is not the case obviously. Many states have very limited non-resident quotas which I think is unfair when hunting federal land. 

Arizonas non-resident quota is 10%.

New Mexico is 16%.


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I drop a decent amount of my pay check every week into a “hunting fund” savings account. Fingers crossed one of these next few years I’ll be able to make a nice trip happen. I figure do it while I’m young and can afford it within reason before real life starts (mortgage, taxes, family, etc). 

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