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Set a goal and made it


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congrats!   - I am lazy shed hunter. I just put out minerals as early as I can, and cams on them... Then I see what is left over for the upcoming fall bow season. LOL .    There are some bucks I would love to find the sheds from, but just don't have the time right now. 

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

16 3/4” Live Fluke Release Club

I shot a big 10pt once….

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1 minute ago, Zone35killer said:

Lol that’s what some of my friends say too. But going by the state definition it’s technically a shed. Any antler that’s leaves the deers head naturally is a shed lol. 

10 antlers is a good year. I shed a lot and know a lot of shed hunters you are doing good. 

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