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2019 Garden thread

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My wife's cousin always said u can plant peas on st paddy's day!

I have yet to til the ground tho.  

Jus read a neat article in Costco Connection magazine bout keyhole gardens....popular raised garden bed in Africa....idea is to have a compost area at center of raised bed. Mite try one this yr!!  





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Mine is still too wet and frozen.  Been dumping ashes in it over the winter and have a compost pile to till into it when the time comes.  Going to pick up more blueberry bushes, walmart this time when they come in.  Bought them at Home depot and lowes 2 years ago, then seen plants at walmart that were 3 times the size.  2 years of growth, and the ones I have still aren't as big as walmarts were.  Looked at the plants again in lowes and hd this year, and they are half the size of the plants they sold 2 years ago.

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17 minutes ago, Greybeard said:

Look up pallet planting also.  Lot of articles on raised gardens, hanging tomato plants upside down in buckets too, if you don't have space for a garden.

I actually thought about trying some upside down bucket tomato plants this year. I herd it works really well and would probably help from rodents eating a bunch

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Got the flower beds cleaned up today. Scraped enough compost off the frozen pile to top off the raised beds.  Wood sides of the raised beds get heaved up from the frost.  I stomp them back down each year the best I can.  They were 4" deep, now they are just about sitting on top of the ground.   Plants are already coming up.

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