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Old School Italian Lunch


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8 minutes ago, BHC said:

.....eggs, potatoes,  onions, peppers & sausage on semolina bread.....so simple yet so damn delicious ….

You're right!!

I'm jealous with all these dishes you post. You're lucky … cooking is not my wife's joy or strong point. lol

I'm the one that makes the Sunday Gravy (or, is it sauce :catfight:) with the meatballs, sausages, and braciole in my house.

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Looks like a good old fashioned version of giambotta, like my Uncle Lou used to call it! 

Pepper and egg sandwiches wrapped in napkins (to be quiet) used to be what we had with us when we went deer hunting when I was a kid...

Too bad they were eaten before lunchtime was even close lmao!!

Looks great Joe 

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