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buying an atv

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throwing around the idea of purchasing an atv.  thinking new as i dont really trust buying used from someone.  my last one was used and ended up selling it a few years ago, now  need one with our current home.  i never bought one at a dealer so i am wondering if there is wiggle room with the price like car shopping or is it what the sticker says.  thanks.  

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shop around, most of them don't want to "wiggle" but you can find some one that will. The last quad I bought was brand new, I had checked out about 8 different shops, different brands until I found the one I wanted. (the place I bought from no longer sells quads so I can't recommend them)

Good luck

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buying used is tough, most are beat up and really are not that many for sale to begin with.  If going new - highly recommend Can Am, Yamaha, Kawasaki in that order.   Can Am may seem overpriced but they are worth it compared to the rest IMHO.   I got my Can Am in 2015 as a 2013 leftover, so got incredible deal.  Check out Cycle Motion in Middletown NY.  You can buy out of state and NOT pay NJ registration "wink wink".  That is where I got my Can Am


If you care to register in NJ (because oh they give you so many riding opportunities and trails to ride on - NOT) , then you would have to pay tax to NJ based on your purchase (wink wink). 

Depending on your intentions - you can save money buying out of state.  Pen Argyl PA has a good Yamaha dealer, I have bough new machines from both. 


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IMO i prefer new instead of someones headache brand is personal preferance when i got mine i looked at several before buying ...that said if you can find an older person with one they have owned from new i think that would be worth the risk.. I have a yamaha grizzly 660 was first one made in camo i dont beat it and it is garage kept and well maintained my friends all know that so i always have someone trying to pry it away.... just a thought good luck

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Its been some years now, but  … if you're interested in a Kawasaki, Ledgewood Kawasaki in Ledgewood had significantly lower prices up front, than Town & Country in Hamburg or Pompton Sport in Pompton Lakes. I bought 2 from Ledgewood.

(Town & Country lied to me on another matter, so remember that)

I also bought a Kawi atv from Horn's Outdoor, just over the Delaware River in Mt Bethel, Pa. They were really nice people, and … I forget how … but I paid no sales tax.

I do all my own repairs, so I can't comment on any dealers' service departments.

Good luck.

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I'd buy a clean used one. Theres a few for sale on fb messenger I've had my eye on but dont have the real "need" now that o have a tractor...
Some things to consider:
Polaris and honda are top dogs
Kawasaki is aweful
Anything over 325 for hunting purposes is overkill.. dont wastr $ on huge power unless you need huge power. A 325 is very strong already. The 700 and 800 sizes are too much for their own weight imo. Peel out easily instead of pulling or pushing.
I'd never buy another ATV without EFI again.
Tons of used atvs for sale..many extremely new and low hours.. not worth buying new imo. Dont buy from a young fella and you should be fine. Dont buy from a flipper that sells alot either.


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I would never buy a new one. Especially when buying a utility type. Kids dont usually want them so they are usually adult owned. And everyone who buys them thinks they are going to use it and they put a few hours on it realize there is no place to ride it takes up space in the garage and thats it.  If you look around you can find great deals.

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