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St Patrick's Season started


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 After the Bob Weir Post. I'm ready to celebrate. We started St Pats by going to the Flogging Molly show at Welmont 2 weeks ago. A really good time. I like their songs better than the Drop Kicks, but think DKM are better musicians.

If you haven't heard Float by Flogging  Molly, give it a try its meaning gets stronger as I get older. 

Sunday its going to be an Uber day. Redbreast 12   to remember and celebrate some family and friends who passed this year. We haven't been able to go a year without recognizing someone from our group who has passed in a long time. I am at that age.  I have some Port City Porter from Virginia that is my favorite beer for the winter cause you cant drink Redbreast all day. Corned Beef, cabbage and noodles. Guinness cupcakes with bailey icing. always a good day. Saliente!!

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