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Bassmaster Classic started today!!


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The Super Bowl of Bass Fishing!!!

3 day tourney on the Tennessee River!

Someone is guna figure em out!!

Last classic w some of the big names such as KID, Ike, etc .....as a new Bass Pro/Major League Fishing tour was started and many pros jumped ship from the Elites....not sure of what happened, details, etc....but it was a big change in the pro bass world!


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There has been so much rain down there recently that the river is super high and extremely muddy. I crossed it twice last week on a trip to Chattanooga.  Some of the golf courses are under water and there are new lakes and ponds where cows and sheep used to graze.  Gonna be one heck of a tournament.

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We actually ran into into Mr. Martin down on Lake Marion in South Carolina . We had a three day skunk going and kept noticing this guy catching bass after bass . My brother couldn't take it any more so that night when he came to shore my brother walked over and started talking to him and noticed his name on one of his boxes . He was just a down to earth guy then. This was in the early 1970's ! Great memories !

Pennsylvania Upland Hunting

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Ike is putting sumtin together!

Ott Defoe is stumbling a bit!

Big Jaw Wheeler knows that Tennessee River system real Good!

Shud b interesting who makes cut for final day tomorrow!

44 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

Have to watch Wheeler. He is always a threat


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