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Got the Sako ready for woodchucks!

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I've posted pics of groups from this 243 before.  This is a new load i just came up with yesterday specifically for target and varmints using a 70 Sierra Blitzking at roughly 3400 fps.  Very nice when the groups look like this in the first round of load development.   This gun is amazing as it is extremely accurate with various loads, including factory ammo.  Now i have a handload for this and deer (Sierra Gameking 85 HPBT) that will both shoot 1/4" or better.





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35 minutes ago, kanigie said:

Think we'll ever be able to shoot <.25 caliber centerfires at the WMA ranges?

Never happen, always amazed me how you can hunt with something bit not practice at a WMA range with it. I think they’re afraid that the range would be an attraction to Rambo’s 

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