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Some fur ready for auction


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6 minutes ago, Ringtail said:

Seems like a good season :up:

Actually for me just the opposite.  Last year I had over 70 reds but this year with all the rain I only got about half.  My rat catch is down a little and my mink catch is about the same but I had to run more traps and cover a lot more land to catch them. 

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Just now, Tuck said:

Where can one go to see one of these fur auctions??  Would be interested in checking it out and am looking for a few furs to have around my den.


March 24 at space farm in Sussex. You can buy as many or few as you want. There will be red fox, grey fox, coon, mink muskrats, coyote, Bob cats, Fisher, rabbit, last year there was ground hog and there was also a few ranch fox (white, blue and red) maybe a few weasel.

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9 minutes ago, mazzgolf said:

How many traps do you normally check daily? And how much walking do you do each day?

Tough to say for fox I run 40 to 50 sometimes more, rats and mink 50 plus but at the end of fox when I start beaver mink and rats also all at the same time I could be checking well over 100 sets a day. I walk miles every day and usually takes me 4 hours a day. 

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5 hours ago, Bonefreak said:


The reward of countless hours enjoying the outdoors!!

How much dough you think they will go for??!!

The reward is in just doing it. There is no real money to be made. The market crashed a few years ago due to Russia, China, and Turkey's economies tanking. They are the big three in the buyers world. I only ran a fraction of what I normally do because of a change in work schedule but for what I had out I had a decent season. I have ten loops out around a bait pile for the last night.

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