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My 2019 Turkey Forecast......pic


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Here is my 2019 turkey forecast........It is going to be fast and furious! :up:

The turkey activity that I am seeing this year is a head of schedule from last years. Yesterday I had to pull my truck over and help a large tom cross a road so he didn't become a feathered road pizza. Today I saw a different lone tom that wouldn't stop gobbling and answered me every time I gobbled back to him. 

So for all of you turkey guys out there you better get ready because they are.

My pup KC wanted to show them his toy (Mr Turtle) but they had other things on their mind.



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6 hours ago, BuenaGooch said:

Thank you all for the welcome. Glad I found the forum. Just recently purchased land in Atlantic County and looking to start hunting this year. Just got my turkey permits. Lots of good discussions and info!!

Best of luck with the new property and your first year chasing thunder chickens.  Let us know how you make out.  And most importantly,  remember that we like pictures.  :D

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11 hours ago, BuenaGooch said:

Looks like the one turkey brought his friends back this morning.

That is what we in the business call a "target rich environment".   :rofl:

Your season is looking promising BG, have fun and best of luck.  

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