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Stuffed Venison Backstrap


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My turn! :lol: Looks like a bunch of us felt tonight was a good night for venison!

I got this recipe from Malcom Reed - you can watch him cook this up here: http://howtobbqright.com/2018/05/10/stuffed-venison-backstrap/

The only thing I did different was I made my own rub, and I cooked it a little longer at a little lower temp in my electric smoker (about 1 hour at 275 degrees, but still went for that internal temp of 130 for nice medium rare - super-tender!). I used hickory wood chips, but not a lot.

This is excellent. I can't get enough of venison backstraps just on their own ... but when you also mix in bacon, onions, mushrooms and cream cheese *and* cooked in a smoker??? Heaven! :up:




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