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Where to find Marine grade plywood for boat floor

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Have a 16' Sylvan v hull that needs the floor replaced. Painted plywood only lasted 2 years. Where can I get marine grade flooring? Internet search hasn't yielded any affordable results. Boat is 30 years old so I don't want to invest to much into it.

Any other materials ideas or tips would be appreciated.

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17 minutes ago, kanigie said:


Unless there is a better option someone can recommend. 

All depends what you want, vinyl doesn’t get soaked like carpet but carpet feels better underfoot. It’s an extra step but priming the bare wood before either helps quite a bit, also use a good glut like Franklin and use a notched trowel to thoroughly cover the ply when you glue down the vinyl/carpet


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28 minutes ago, kanigie said:

Just found PVC board at lowes. $76 for a 4'x8' sheet.


This should work perfectly, no?

very heavy and carpet glue will not stick to it very well. Also if you are screwing pedestal seats in it the gripping strength is poor.


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