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Interesting Day!

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Other than the extreme freezing cold the past couple of days, I had a couple of cool things happen  out on the line today. I was out checking muskrat traps in a swamp near my house. Because the ice is only one and a half inches thick, I had to bust my way out to every trap with a log splitting maul. Fun City! Anyway, I had just removed a nice rat from a well traveled run and was chopping out a hole in the ice to check my last trap which turned out to be empty. At the last trap I called it a day because I was exhausted. I took one step to get back to the bank when the water at the set where I had just removed the rat  exploded with splashing and the wood lathe stake was flopping around! Two large buck rats from the same set within minutes! That doesn't happen very often! Also today, a mink kept climbing up onto the ice near an area of open water to keep an eye on me. I have a few traps set in tunnels in that area so there is a good chance of catching him tomorrow. A mink is a predator. He will be hunting in and around all the bank holes and tunnels looking for muskrats for dinner.

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