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hey! that bird stole my decoy!!


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So, a few months ago I bought a new FoxPro Hammerjack caller to upgrade from my old caller. It came with a electronic decoy with a Fuzzy-Wuzzy decoy topper that looks like a struggling animal like a small rabbit or mouse or something.

Well, I brought it out and used it for the very first time this morning to do a quick predator hunt. And I had the caller/decoy turned on for less than 10 minutes when a !@#$% owl or hawk (something with a huge wingspan) came out of nowhere, swooped down and TOOK MY DECOY TOPPER!!! Didn't get to use it for more than 10 minutes and it's gone. Now I have to go buy another one. :rant:

Happened so fast - damn thing must have been staring down at my decoy from the tree tops and I didn't notice it until it swooped down and picked it right off my caller and flew away with it!!!

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10 minutes ago, rgw said:

Lol funny, it's probably close by

I looked around, on the ground in the direction where I saw the bird fly in case he dropped it. Didn't find it. If he dropped it, it's probably hung up in the trees somewhere. Or it's in his nest.

 And yes, now I know it works. Too bad I didn't get to use it for more than 10 minutes!


Email the manufacturer and tell them the story. Maybe they will send you a free one. 

I emailed the FoxPro guys after I placed my order about 20 minutes ago.  I told them what happened. Just got a response back a few minutes ago (BTW: good customer service to reply back to my email that fast). They told me, basically, "you aren't the first person to tell us that happened, and you probably won't be the last" :D

I did ask them if they could speed up the processing of my order because NJ predator season is over in about week, and they said they'd get it in the mail by today for me - hopefully, I'll get it no later than Monday. The topper only costs $5 - so no big deal there. I ordered a second one, too, just in case!

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3 minutes ago, Ringtail said:

That’s actually really funny. I don’t think I would have been mad probably just dumbfounded by what just happened lol

I wish I had a video camera recording my face - I'm sure I had some great facial expressions as it slowly dawned on me what was happening. First I'm like, "What is that?" as I see this thing drop out of the trees. :headscratch: Then I see it spread these huge wings out and starts floating down to my decoy and my eyes must have bugged out of my head.. :eek: "oh... oh no... ... no ... no... NO, NO, NO .... NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" as I realized this bird was about to snatch my decoy. Took just a few seconds from the time I saw it to the time he grabbed it and flew away - happened so fast.

Owl season isn't in, right? :D 

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